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VSRS: Vaccine Status Report System


Virginia Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs) can use the Vaccine Status Report System (VSRS) to provide a daily update on their needs for COVID-19 vaccines for residents/patients and staff. Use of the VSRS form to report daily updates on changing vaccine need will promote more timely allocation of vaccines where they are needed in LTCFs.

To assist you in using the application please consult the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. If you are unable to find an answer to your question on this page, please contact VHCA.

What do I do if my passphrase is not working?

Contact April Payne for assistance with selecting your facility or entering your passphrase. Remember, the zip code that VDH OLC or DSS has on file for your facility license was used to set the passphrase. If your organization uses a corporate mailing address with the state agency, please be sure to use the correct zip code.

I entered my facility's vaccine needs in VSRS previously but have since had new admissions, new hires, or individuals due for second doses within 7 days of the current date. What do I enter now?

Each time you login to VSRS, enter the total number of vaccines you need for your residents/patients and staff. For example, yesterday you reported 10 residents and 10 staff need first doses, 0 second doses of Moderna and 5 second doses of Pfizer needed within the next 7 days. Tomorrow you have 1 new admission, 5 new hires, and 2 individuals who will now be due 7 days from current day, 0 additional individuals due within the next 7 days, so your report today would be as follows: 11 residents and 15 staff need first doses, 2 second doses of Moderna, and 5 second dose Pfizer needed within the next 7 days.

Should I still use the VDH REDCap form?

The REDCap form is still available to LTCFs since the VSRS is only set up for nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.

Can I edit my daily update?

Yes—If you have an additional update for that day, when you log back into VSRS, the system will automatically display the information you submitted for that day. You are able to change the data and select Submit to update your daily report.

Can I edit my previous daily update?

No—at this time you are not able to modify previous days submitted.

Should I enter a status update if a need for vaccines I entered previously has been met?

Yes. Please submit an update in VSRS after your vaccine needs are met (i.e., enter that your vaccine needs are zero/0 until you have any admissions or staff needs again.)