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SMART: Analyze Virginia Trends in the LTC Survey Process

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The VHCA Survey Management Analysis & Resource Tool (SMART), is provided to VHCA members as a resource tool. Members may use this tool to view and analyze current trends and patterns in the nursing facility survey process. Detailed information about survey results for facilities and regions is available in statewide and custom comparison reports for a range of metrics and across user specified date ranges.

VHCA members that would like access to SMART, may request login information.

SMART Questionnaire

Have you had a survey recently? Share feedback on how it went using our new SMART Questionnaire. Your input helps us understand the survey environment and is vital to our discussions with OLC.

Normal survey activity includes annual recertification surveys, onsite revisit surveys, and non-immediate jeopardy complaint surveys. OLC is using state surveyors and contracted surveyors, Healthcare Management Solutions (HMS).

Responses to the SMART Questionnaire will be kept confidential and only shared in aggregate summary. You can also use this QR code to access the questionnaire. Click here to complete the SMART Questionnaire, or access the questionnaire by scanning the QR code below with a smartphone.

QR Code for VHCA Survey Questionnaire